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The Virtual 5G Lab, a developer-friendly 5G Lab as a Service,
aims to enable and accelerate Use Case development.
Your 5G SA network is just a click away.

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Accelerate 5G Use Cases

  • Our Virtual 5G Lab as a Service provides you with a real-world 5G network accessible from everywhere
  • With a simulated radio layer to focus on the essentials
  • Jump-start your Use Case by employing test-driven development
  • Professionalize your development cycles and use a 5G network in your CI/CD

Explore and Learn

  • Facilitate standardized 5G APIs for your 5G Use Case
  • Instructional tutorials designed for understanding the 5G key capabilities
  • Understand the 5G architecture
  • Deep-dive into protocol details


Keep the overview with a graphical representation of your network. Understand the details with an interactive visualization of all message flows.

Real-world Experience

Our v5GLab provides practical, hands-on experience in 5G networks. The knowledge gained seamlessly applies to the real world.


Say goodbye to expensive hardware investments. We are a cost-effective alternative.


Get your 5G lab up and running in mere seconds, not weeks.


Based on OpenAirInterface, the go-to open source 5G System for 5G Advanced research.


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We are looking for Friendly Customers! Join the new way of developing 5G Use Cases today. Curious about our latest developments? Reach out to us for a status update or a live demo!

Virtual 5G Lab

Simplify 5G combines the best of IT and telecommunications. Our vision is to simplify 5G by opening 5G blackboxes to enable and accelerate Use Case development.

About us

Incubated by:

OpenAirInterface Contributions

We are actively contributing to the OAI 5GC. Contributions:

  • Edge Computing
  • Quality of Service
  • Policy Control Function
  • Test Automation

Agile Software Development

Our software developers follow the agile philosophy. We are developing in:

  • Modern C++ (C++ 17 and above)
  • Java
  • Python
  • State-of-the art frontend technologies (Angular/React)

Test Automation

Experts in end-to-end 5G test automation using the open source Robot Framework.

5G Core Network

Cloud-native 5G Core Network implementation and deployment.

IP Multimedia Subsystem

Experts in IMS, VoIP (SIP/SDP), VoLTE, VoNR and open source IMS implementation Kamailio.

Agile Project Management

Utilizing agile methodologies for project management such as Scrum


The services we offer reflect our values and our core competencies. From customized support to software development projects, we strive for excellence.

OAI CN Support

You want to deploy the OAI CN in your research lab or your network, but you also want customized support for your specific setup.

Custom CN Projects

You want to build your own 5G core network. We define the requirements together with you and deliver a CN solution for your needs.

Test Automation

You want to automate your tests in a real-world scenario using COTS UEs. We create the test setup and/or write the test cases for you in your own setup.

Software Development

You need experienced software developers for your custom project. We are able to help you out.

Our Values


We firmly believe in agile software development. You are part of the development process from day zero.


We deliver high-quality carrier-grade 5G core network software. You can rely on our software.


We do not believe in developing black boxes. You are in control of the product and there is no vendor lock-in.


We provide you with solutions that you need. You are able to build your value-added services together with us.

Team was founded in October 2022 with the vision to democratize the mobile networking world.
Since then, we have been an active contributor in the OAI CN, as we believe that open source 5G implementations help MNOs, research institutes and the industry to create their own 5G network.
With not only experience in software development, but also with an academic background, we write state-of-the-art software applications and manage your projects with agility and top-notch quality!

We are software engineers at heart!

Stefan Spettel - Co-Founder

Stefan Spettel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder

Entrepreneur 10 years of experience in telecommunications 15 years of experience in software engineering 4G/5G Core Network IMS, VoLTE and VoNR
Lukas Rotheneder - Co-Founder

Lukas Rotheneder

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder

Technical Lead Telecom 10 years of experience in software engineering End-to-end test automation of 4G/5G networks 4G/5G Core Network Agile project manager
Kevin Wilhelm - Co-Founder

Kevin Wilhelm

Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Co-Founder

Technical Lead Software 15 years of experience in software engineering Software architect and devops specialist Senior software developer Agile evangelist

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Taubstummengasse 11, 1040 Wien, Austria